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still learning.

I have over twenty years experience as a designer, art director and creative director, yet I don't know a damn thing. At least that's the way I wake up each morning.

I'm learning every day, because this business never stops teaching.


I've worked for some amazing companies, but it isn't the cool offices or even the work that makes them. It's the people. The people that have become my friends for life. The people that allow me to be... me.

I love being a storyteller, but my favorite role is being a cheerleader. You know that idea you had the other night? Or was it this morning? Send me a text. Slack me. Right now. Let's talk about it. Let's get so pumped to the point it feels ridiculous. And even if our idea doesn't get produced, the dopamine we created made it all worth it.

I'll see ya Monday. Let's do it all over again.

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